Key Themes

Broadcast and streaming lie at the heart of the sports industry’s commercial and value proposition, but it’s a fiercely competitive and resource-heavy sector. It remains a critical priority for most sports rights holders, clubs/teams, and properties. However, the secret to success remains open to debate and an area of great scrutiny.

The SportsPro OTT Summit connects and inspires industry professionals to understand the insights of today and discover the technologies of tomorrow. We will enable you to optimise your business strategy, and ensure you walk away, inspired, educated, and equipped to tackle the market’s evolution.


Owned and operated or third-party aggregator? SVOD, AVOD, or FAST? The monetisation model question lies at the heart of any effective broadcast and streaming strategy. Go beyond the buzzwords and be informed about the best approach for your business to unlock new and incremental revenues.  


If you build it will they come? No longer can organisations rely on the compelling sale of live rights to attract customers – they must bundle their content effectively as well as creating engaging and seamless fan experiences. Learn from the best-in-class with tangible case studies and actionable takeaways.


The foundation of any effective broadcast and streaming service. Reliability, scalability and economy lie at the heart of the fan experience. Hear from the technology experts delivering the leading platforms of today and driving the innovations creating the platforms of tomorrow across the industry.

Topics covered include...

  • Discovery & distribution
  • Owned & operated vs aggregation
  • Subscription & advertising models
  • Anti-piracy
  • Alternative revenues & D2C strategy
  • Subscriber acquisition & retention  
  • Gamification, fantasy sports & betting
  • Fan engagement & experience
  • Rights valuation & fragmentation
  • Generation Z
  • Social & creator-led content 
  • Web 3.0
  • Latency, scalability & reliability
  • Platform development & user experience
  • Cloud-based & remote production
  • Beyond live, storytelling & original programming

Alongside the great sessions taking place, we’ll be taking your experience to the next level, exploring Madrid as much as possible, with visits to some of the major clubs, top sports studios, and further sporting activities to physically take part in. 

More details on this coming soon!