Key Topics

Built around three main themes – StrategyContent & Technology.

Across the last few years, the sports broadcasting market has been forced to reconsider and adapt. This has caused a rapid adoption of remote broadcast technology, a reconsidering of live right’s value, revisiting archival footage, as well as rebuilding commercial and marketing strategies amongst many other changes.


Media rights are not only becoming more expensive, but they’re also becoming more complex and nuanced. Understanding the value and the specific distribution rights afforded to you must align with what you can deliver.

Topics include:

  • Monetisation models
  • Rights valuation
  • Diversifying distribution
  • Market development
  • Subscription growth
  • Marketing acquisition


In an increasingly fragmented, expensive, and competitive marketplace including non-sports OTT options it is essential for sports offerings to justify themselves and provide more than just live sports content, which also includes a personalised and engaging experience for each consumer.

Topics include:

  • Original content
  • Highlight packaging
  • Gamification & sports betting
  • User-generated content
  • Content production
  • Fan engagement


With the continually growing cost of media rights the importance of technology being able to deliver is paramount for producing a profitable sports broadcast strategy. Innovating new means of distribution and delivering seamless experiences is essential to the OTT and broadcast process.

Topics include:

  • Platform development
  • User experience
  • Data, AI, & Personalisation
  • Latency & delivery
  • Cloud-based production
  • Content protection