September 22nd | 2:00 – 3:15 pm BST

Real examples of tech you can use to protect your content and secure your revenue

While broadcasters & OTT platforms have become better, so have the pirates distributing content illegally. This edition will explore what technological solutions are available to fight piracy effectively and the growing importance of a collaborative approach.

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Piracy: End Game

22nd Sep | 14:00 BST - 
14:30 BST

The missed revenue of piracy

22nd Sep | 14:30 BST - 
15:15 BST

Celine Boyer

Head of Cyber Security


Russell Byrne

Head of Digital

efl-logo-vector-download 2x1

Minal Modha

Principal Analyst & Consumer Research Lead

Ampere 2x1

Mike Green

VP of Strategic Development & Alliances



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